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The Bollywood Sisters run regular classes for kids, teens and adults in the Byron Bay Shire. Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. The dance incorporates classical Indian, hip-hop, belly, latin and african. We start with a warm up and stretch then we move into some basic moves and then generally work on a choreography. We always finish our classes with a great cool down and relaxation so you float out on a cloud of bollywood bliss! So if you're looking for some fun, new moves, confidence or just to get fit. Bollywood dance class is the thing for you!

Current Classes

  • NEW 8 week course starts Monday 6th Feb in South Golden Beach and 14th Feb 6:30pm in Ballina($160)
  • South Golden Beach Hall 6:30-8pm $140 or $25 casual . All WELCOME
  • KIDS CLASS Starts Wed 8th Feb 3:45 -4:15pm
    South Golden Beach Hall $64for 8 weeks)


This 8 week dance course will take you on a journey into the deepest depths of your most melodramatic feelings. Bollywood dance is funny, cheeky and energetci! You heart will be pounding, your hips thrusting and mind racing all the way to Bollywood. Colourful, uplifting and dramatic this Joyful Modern Indian dance class is not to be missed. 

During the 8 weeks you will learn a fun and energetic dance choreography that you can whip out on any film set, dance floor or lounge room disco! We combine classical Indian dance steps with modern moves from latin, african, hip-hop, belly dance and jazz. This class is for anyone who loves to dance, laugh and have fun. 

Plenty of performance opportunites for those inclined but not compulsory! The class consists of a great, friendly and open group of people. We always have lots of fun and laughs. 

8 weeks Mondays 6:30pm-8pm $140

Ballina Wed 6:30pm $160
Casual $25

Call Zerina for more info 0423019335


Classes are for Everybody!