zerina and shamila

The Bollywood Sisters started in 2003 as a sister duo (Zerina and Shamila) as a way to connect to their South Indian heritage but has since become so much more.

The Bollywood Sisters is a community of people who love to dance, have fun and connect.

Currently Directed by Zerina Millard the Bollywood Sisters offer people a place to experience dance as a means to happiness. A chance to get out of our heads and into our bodies.


Our performance troupe consists of a group of fun loving women from various walks of life.

Enter into a world of love, intrigue, and romance. The Bollywood Sisters will take you on a journey into the deepest depths of your most melodramatic feelings....their funny, cheeky and high energy dances will have your heart pounding, your hips thrusting and mind racing all the way to Bollywood. Colourful, uplifting and dramatic this Joyful Modern Indian dance show is not to be missed



Zerina has been dancing all her life and her dance training stretches across the globe from South America to South-East Asia, India, the Middle East, the South Pacific and New Zealand. She has facilitated dance both in Australia and overseas, working with a vast range of people.

Zerina has trained in classical Indian (Bharatanatyam and Kathak), African, Latin, Bollywood, Belly dance, Classical Ballet, Modern dance, Hip hop, Jazz, Butoh and South Pacific Dance. Zerina holds a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University and Certificate II in Dance from the Northern Rivers Arts Conservatorium. She is also a trained Yoga Teacher.



We want every’body’ to have the opportunity to experience joy and happiness through dance.



“I had the best time. The course was exactly what I had hoped for and I am still feeling the benefits in my body of a week of flooding my bodymind with joyful movement and being surrounded by loving kindness.” - Donna , Australia

"I didn't know that my body could still move like that! Bollywood dance has re-awakened my spirit and body. Thank you so much Zerina for your passion, support and encouargement" - Anne, 65 Australia

"I love Bollywood dance! Its so fun and light hearted. It makes me instantly happy." - Chad, New Zealand

Retreat Testamonials

"I have always known that dancing is fun! I knew that this retreat was going to be fun! I knew that Zerina is a good teacher.. and a lot of fun! But oh-boy, did it ever exceed all my expectations!! Big time!! It actually IS transformational, the whole experience. On that dancefloor I turned into a fun-loving, joyful, playful, happy, shining, sexy, feminine, confident being (well... into a Goddess really:)!!)... and now that I have awaken the goddess in me, I am not letting her go!! Thank you Zerina and Alison!! I did not really have any kind of dance traning before the retreat ( if anyone is hesitating because of that, don't!!), so this has been another thing (besides the fun-loving Goddess in me:) that I have taken from the retreat into my daily life! Keep on dancing, YAY!!" - Liina from Estonia

"The Bollywood Bliss dance retreat was superb in all ways. I loved the dancing - SO much fun! Morning yoga was the perfect way to start the day, and now I'm back at home doing yoga every morning. Zerina and Alison are wonderful facilitators and fun, accessible people. Experiencing the many aspects of Indian culture - costuming, henna, and, of course, the Bollywood movies! - enhanced my expression in the dance and my overall enjoyment of the retreat. Thank you so much for a delightful and life-changing week!" - Meg from Hawaii

"I am a volunteer at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center. When I saw that there would be a Bollywood Bliss Retreat coming up, I made sure to get time off so I could participate! I didn't know much about Bollywood, but I knew it was high-energy dance that would be a lot of fun and that I loved the music. I am so glad that I took the retreat!! The facilitators (Zerina and Allison) were great dancers/teachers and so friendly! And I don't know the last time I got so much exercise in one week! We learned two full dances and several dance moves that we performed on the final night of the retreat. It was so much fun and the audience loved it! I would love to do more Bollywood dance!" - Lucy USA